Roundstone Media is a new Irish startup focused on creating and producing innovative entertainment for digital natives.

About Us

New audiences don’t passively consume entertainment. Instead, they want to co-create and build personalized content experiences. Roundstone Media focuses on developing and producing stories and characters with relevancy for Generation Z (Centennials). Tales that can be told on existing and new platforms, on social media, and through videogames, books, and music. Developing an agile ecosystem that attracts and continues to evolve with engagement.

Top 5 Key Stats You Need to Know:

1. +3 million kids in the UK & Ireland have watched esports in the last 12 months, either on-screen or at events.

2. According to BookScan sales of Children’s books outstrips sales of adult titles (Globally). In the UK & Ireland alone, this segment of the market accounted for 19,296,889 books sold in 2017.

3. + 31% in the number of teenage boys with Twitch installed on their device (Q1 2019 vs Q3 2019).

4. Minecraft fans are 16% more likely than average to have learned how to code.

5. 4.5 million children in UK & Ireland (35%) are listening to Podcasts.

Let’s Create Something Together

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